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What We Solve

The solutions part of solutions.


Collaborating with our clients, we operate as ‘one team’ in support of the rehabilitation process.
Cellmate Solutions™ is a full-service, management program leveraging consumer demographic and psychographic data to improve
  • Customer Fulfillment
  • Cost Management
  • Communication
  • Inventory Management
  • Compliance Optimization
Cellmate Solutions™ aims to encourage choice, education, and the general wellness of receiving consumers.


Improve management of compliance, liabilities, and options.
Cellmate Solutions™ is a Management service that can assist in the following ways:
  • Improve inventory management
  • Provide a communication tool that connects staff
  • Provide stability in meal and beverage services
  • Manage meal requests and grievance procedures
  • Provide real-time data and reporting
  • Cost-effective approaches to suit inmates’ specific needs, maintain a basic balanced diet, and adhere to religious and medical diet restrictions
Avoid constant shifts in overall wellness attitudes and emotions with a well-managed plan.

The Incarcerated

We believe if one feels better, they can be better.
Authorized, eligible users will have access to our programs that monitor meal requirements, including alerts for medical, religious, and other nutritional and dietary elements.
Our technology connects inmates with the tools, people, and resources they need to accomplish their obligations while in the correctional facility, with an objective of reducing recidivism for those who will reintegrate into society.

Friends and Family

Cellmate Connect enables others to contribute to the health and wellbeing of a friend, member of your family, or any person who might need support.
Inmates can use our programs to connect with their permitted loved ones to be a part of their care, particularly when it comes to dietary choices, medical needs, and religious requirements.
Cellmate Connect

Commerce, compliance, and caring - all connected.

Our software product, Cellmate Connect™, is the platform for providing consumer commerce in institutional settings. Cellmate Connect™ Software Solution also provides:
  • Compliance
  • Management Solutions
  • Administration Focused Reporting
  • Revenue Streams
  • Focus on Wellbeing
  • Community
  • Ordering Applications and new products for the Incarcerated
Cellmate Connect is designed to run from a mobile device. The app may be downloaded from either of the following app stores.
Alternatively, you may search for Cellmate Connect while in your app store. Please note that the icons above are best used when accessing from your mobile device.
Available product and service options may vary by location.

Our Solutions

Cellmate Technologies, Inc.

Our software product, Cellmate Connect™, is the platform for providing consumer commerce in institutional settings. Cellmate Connect™ provides cost-effective solutions to meet unique needs, including maintaining a basic balanced diet and adhering to religious and medical dietary restrictions. Compliance management is more efficient using Cellmate Connect™. A complete set of administration focused reports give insights in financials, order trends, inventory, customer feedback, and more!

Cellmate Food Solutions, Inc.

At Cellmate Solutions™, we acknowledge the need of maintaining a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet as well as adhering to religious and medical dietary restrictions as we expand our product selection. We work with correctional facilities to track needs and offer meals and snacks that meet them. Many of our meals are prepared and frozen, reducing the amount of inventory necessary on site and ensuring that calories and nutritional needs are met consistently.

Cellmate Beverage Solutions, Inc.

In addition to edible items, Cellmate Solutions™ provides an assortment of beverages from coffees to fortified drinks & supplements. We have designed a unique pouch delivery system to provide a safe and convenient option to enjoy. This packaging also allows an extended shelf life when warehousing may be required.

Strategic Partners

Cellmate Food Solutions, Inc. aims to develop partnerships with a focus on collaboration to encourage choice, education, and the general wellness of the receiving consumers.

Cellmate Solutions, Inc. has identified Strategic partners with these common goals and objectives. We can improve our product offerings, broaden our connection to more people who need our outreach efforts, and gain access to new markets by collaborating with like-minded companies.

Operations can be streamlined, and efficiency is boosted thanks to strategic collaborations. Overall, creating these strategic alliances has shown to be a successful strategy to share resources and knowledge in order to accomplish shared objectives.

These alliances are planned to produce results that are advantageous to both parties, utilizing their respective assets and abilities for the common good.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, strategic partnerships have become increasingly important for companies looking to stay competitive and innovative.


Our company firmly believes in supporting outreach programs and giving back to the community. We are committed to making a positive impact on society through promotions, events, and partnerships with like minded organizations. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to the betterment of our society and we are dedicated to doing our part.

Cellmate Solution, Inc. connects incarcerated individuals with the tools, people, and resources they require to carry out their commitments both inside a correctional facility and after their release.

Incarcerated individuals can use our programs to connect with permitted individuals to be a part of their care, particularly when it comes to lifestyle needs, dietary choices, medical needs, and religious requirements while incarcerated and upon meeting requirements for release.

In our experience, building a sense of community, belonging, and a strong network of support is beneficial. Building these connections as a source of positive support whenever possible may be a method for improving lives and keep one on a favorable course.

Through our efforts, we hope to inspire others to join us in making a difference and creating a brighter future for all.

Client Testimonials

“The meals that they serve are great and the inmates really enjoy them...I would highly recommend Cellmate Solutions to anyone looking for a quality food service vendor who works hard, communicates well, and cares about the staff and inmates.”
Michigan County Lieutenant
"I have been very pleased with the quality of the food that is now being served. I have also spoken to several inmates and staff regarding the food service change, and I have only received positive reviews... I would highly recommend Cellmate Solutions to anyone who is looking for a quality food service that provides technology to allow inmates to have choice in what they are consuming.”
Michigan County Jail Administrator
"Thank you very much for the change of the food menu! Since it's been changed every tray was delicious, so again thank you for improving the menu.”
Michigan County Incarcerated Individual who experienced County Jail switching to Cellmate Food Solutions, Inc.

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